Our Management Promise

Once we have met with the management board, our staff will review all common elements of your property, carefully study the current status and make recommendations for a change or improvement. It is usually important to start with this review in order to establish objectives ensure we familiar with your goals and requirements. We always attempt to focus on and anticipate current and future capital projects, as well as cost effective improvements which can enhance residents’ quality of life and return on value.

Our property managers will visit your property 3 or 4 times per week or more if required - at the beginning of our relationship and until we have our hand on the pulse of the building. Afterwards we will inspect the premises, spend time with the superintendent and staff multiple times weekly and make appointments to visit the property for special site-inspections with contractors and vendors.

On the outset of our management promise we will review your current policies and procedures to become familiar with the house rules, bylaws and amendments in your offering plans. Revision or recommendation of new policies are always made from a management perspective moving forward.

An extensive review of all files provided by the prior management company will be conducted at the time your files are in IRPM possession. Files, which are deficient local municipal documents or need updating, will be reviewed with the owner and the board.

Legal compliance is essential to doing business and is mandatory under the law. Doing business in Westchester and the five boroughs of New York for many years has enabled us to be intimately familiar with the local codes and enforcement procedures necessary to be compliant. We have access to some of the most prestigious attorneys in Westchester county on sight and have excellent relationships with many local law firms downtown and in the suburbs.

Monthly financials are provided and reviewed with the owner or board monthly. Our staff CPA will also review your financials and suggestions will be made to improve your books and implement organization. If the the owner or board is happy with current vendors and contractors, we will continue to work with them. However, if we discover concerns or deficiencies, we will make recommendations to implement improvement.

If your current coverage is insufficient or unnecessarily costly, we will recommend soliciting alternatives from other carriers until you have a competitive insurance coverage.

IRPM is open and staffed between 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM Monday through Friday
and our after-hours services call-forwards any emergency directly to the Super or Property Manager through smartphones and email. Our practice is to always have a PMOD overnight or on the weekends and holidays. This means a property manager will always be on duty and available 24 hours a day and be provided with all pertinent information to handle any emergency. Our emergency call promise is to respond to any urgent calls within 20 minutes. Any after hour non-emergency call will be addressed on the next business day.

All invoices are reviewed promptly and quickly entered in the Property Management program
we use to take care of your property. Around the 15th of each month bills are reviewed and approved or questioned by the property managers prior to payment. Check writing is done using MICR imprinted checks which requires the need for pre-printed checks with their accompanying amounts. Invoices which exceed a certain predetermined amount will require owner/board approval.

When we take you on as a new client, our first responsibility is to convert the existing rent-roll to our data format, so it functions interactively. Monthly statements are created and delivered to all units with payment return envelope. Letters are issued only when late fees, or specific notice is required. Between the 15th and the 20th of the month receivables are reviewed and late charges are posted. Most clients apply Arrears Charges for unpaid balances as of the 1st of the next month. All receipts are deposited daily at Apple Bank for Savings in a separated account in the client's name and IRPM.

All receipts and disbursements are entered into our computer and maintained in a general ledger system. Reports are generated by the 15th of the following month showing unit owner receipts/deposits, aged receivables, check register, aged payables and an income statements. Bank statements verifying reconciliation of book balances with bank statement balances are submitted with these reports.

Our income report displays the most recent calendar year activity and is essential in determining the appropriate budget figures. Annual budgets are prepared in conjunction with the owner/board and reviewed quarterly.

We employ a rigorous preventative maintenance schedule and checklist for all of our properties to adhere to. This includes but is not limited to touch-up paint, loose pavers, fire escapes, boiler pumps, façade waterproofing, drain lines, plumbing risers, roof condition, debris removal, compactor chute cleanliness, fire suppression systems, fire drill procedures, window lintels, window caulking, landscaping, CCTV systems, emergency service lighting, workshop organization and general building systems evaluations.

Regular inspections of common areas, basements, workshops, roof areas, back stair cases and landings, emergency exit doors, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, laundry facilities will be done routinely. Frequently these are un-scheduled to keep staff, vendors and contractors productive. Quality control of product and contract performance is ongoing and reviewed as necessary with the owner/board.

Our property manager attends monthly board meetings and prepares IRPM Board Packets, which outline the agenda, financials, project updates and correspondence. We always maintain and file meeting minutes, and review special projects at properties that may have capital improvement work going on.

Projects requiring capital expenditure are reviewed in detail with the owner/board prior to selection of engineers, architects or contractors. Proposals are solicited as agreed with the owner/board (we employ a five proposal standard for all capital improvement projects).
Depending upon the size and scope of the projects, our property manager is involved in contract supervision. Extensive on site involvement will require additional fees

We pride ourselves on maintaining productive, long-term happy personnel who are well trained in both maintenance and customer service. We have terrific relationships with organized unions and third party service employee agencies. We are always fair with personnel and know how to constructively discipline staff when necessary. We also have a deep pool of talented and ambitious building service providers who could cover vacation time or leaves of absence.

One of the most important items for your property to move forward efficiently is to have access to accurate data, especially concerning fuel consumption and providing efficient heating. Security cameras are a necessity in securing your property. They are incredibly crime deterrents and can be viewable from a smartphone or an office computer many miles away by advent of the Internet. At IRPM we also use technology to enable our prompt response time to emergencies by receiving notifications of after-hours office calls right on our cellphone.

Pricing is determined based upon a review with the Board of Managers of specific requirements. Our proposed contract contains a schedule listing extra charges which may be involved. Reimbursable items are billed on a monthly basis.